who is espy?

Sam+Peter. (Mis)pronounced “SP”, espy means to catch a glimpse.

We’re captivated with realizing small moments of transcendence. The first sip of coffee on a quiet morning, your favorite song on your favorite album, or new green leaves in the spring. These are glimpses of a feeling that’s hard to pin down! But it’s some goodness that motivates us to keep sharing and spreading whatever we’re working on.

Introducing Sam Schaefer!

I (Peter) met Sam in college. We both went to UoM music school for something called Performing Arts Technology. I thought Sam was cool because he gave really intense feedback and had a Madcap Coffee keep cup.

One thing led to another and we ended up taking identical classes, learning so much about making and life. We dreamt and did insane projects, including Threads Festival, running a studio/label together, turning our basement into a techno club and much more. Sam and I spent some of our best moments together and also some the most difficult. The baby to adult transition can be explosive, and by the end of college we were totally burnt out.

After not talking for almost a year I went to visit Sam at his new job (Stovetop Roasters). We bonded over the Flavor Bible and talked about feeling more like ourselves again. Almost by chance, we found ourselves working in the same building soon after, and reconnected with new dreams for a sustainable biz, selves, ecosystem.

Sam is one of the most important people in my life, my best friend. He really doesn't hold back on telling you whatever he thinks, and he is always true to himself and what he believes in. He is not subtle, and usually won't go easy on you or even think about how what he says affects other people. I love him for this! Because he also loves true and to his core. He is loyal and kind-hearted and is able to see through the fog of uncertainty or doubt that complicates most people's perception. His highest ideals are vulnerability, openness and truth. He understands the value of work.

Introducing Peter Littlejohn!

I (Sam) remember being in school at UoM and feeling like an imposter. I was older than everyone and didn’t feel like I knew what anyone was talking about. I was intimidated to make friends, but I remember Peter being insistent on wanting to hang out with me and make espresso with him on his rebuilt machine in his dorm. I never did.

Peter and I eventually did hangout when working on a floating pond art installation. Fast friendship led to him helping me with my first huge final project - he liked helping so much that he basically did most of it while I watched. This began a college pattern where Peter was constantly helping me but also changing and breaking my projects because he always had an idea on how to make it even better. In every class and living together, Peter and I were the most platonically inseparable any duo has ever been.

Peter was the first person I came out to that told me it was ok to be gay, and that he loved that about me. That conversation was a turning point for me.

Peter is always there for you. His commitment is unmatched. He wants to support and elevate his family, friends so much that he has often found himself needing help getting it all done. He sees the beauty in you usually more than you do, and is dedicated to helping people feel like their true selves. This has been Peter to the core. Every crazy idea I’ve ever had that I’ve been too scared to do has always been met with a "YES lets do it!" from Peter.

I wouldn't be the person I am today without him, and I told him I wouldnt start a company without him either. Peter is the truest friend. I might roast the Coffee, but everything you FEEL from espy is him.

Here’s how to get in touch with us...

Wholesale Coffee inquiries can be sent to sam@espy.coffee
Wholewheat pancake inquiries may be sent to peter@espy.coffee

Feel free to get in touch with questions about brewing, or literally anything else.