We have a lot of big ideas. We’re always scheming, planning, working on what’s next. We talk about the world we want to live in and ask ourselves what our part in building it will be. The word espy (Sam+Peter, “S”+“P”) means to catch a glimpse, and it often feels like there’s no better way to describe what we’re doing. Chasing a glimpse of something big and unexplainable, and then trying our best to share and spread it.

 It’s not that we have any super powered talent, and we’re not doing anything that hasn’t been done before. We don’t have a plan to fix the coffee industry, much less a plan to erode and replace the crumbling labryinth that is late stage capitalism. However, we are working, and it’s the people who do all the work all of the time that eventually catch on to things.

Call it a revolution, a movement or a paradigm shift - but if it’s going to happen, we know it will start at the espresso bar or the deli counter, the farmers market or the food pantry. One way or another, workers change the world. We are workers (we’ve worked many jobs) that started a company intent on not-profiting, a company searching for life-changing moments of transcendence that are hard to pin down or define.

Everyday, we (Sam+Peter) can maybe reach 100 people? 200 people? That’s why we’re selling wholesale coffee - we want to join with people that align with our goals and values to contribute to something much bigger than ourselves. Here’s what we offer:

  • We have some delicious coffees, and we work super hard to make sure they taste great when anyone brews them.
  • All of our QC data is available to wholesale partners, and we share our recipes for filter and espresso to help you save time while dialing in.
  • Our ordering process is clear and streamlined. There’s a dedicated wholesale form so that you can order online from any device.
  • You can see past orders and easily update payment details in your customer portal.

Fill out the form below with some basic info, and we’ll get back to you to set up a time to talk!

Can’t wait to get started.
S+P <3