Here’s some info about our subscriptions: 

All coffee subscriptions are monthly plans, billed on the 1st and shipped on the first Tuesday of the month. We’ve included some general lifestyle guidelines for each choice, but no sweat - you’ll be able to jump between plans whenever.

The subscription pricing includes shipping, and gives you a tiny discount now. Each plan gets a bigger discount every month it renews! Every month, you’ll receive an additional 2.28% off. After a year of subscribing (12 orders) under any plan, you’ll recieve a 25% discount on the normal retail price indefinitely. What? Why? Read the FAQ! Also, feel free to email with any questions.

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Makes 15 cups or 2 half gallon pots
You don’t make coffee everyday,
but you still want to brew at home on the weekends!

Starting at $21/month - $15.75/month after 1 year
We’ll send you one 8oz bag per month!


Makes 1 cup a day for the month,
or 4 half gallon pots

Make yourself a cup of coffee before work most days,
or brew your family a pot for weekend wake-up!

Starting at $35/month - $26.25/month after 1 year
We’ll send you 2 8oz bags per month!



Makes 2 cups a day for the month,
or 8 half gallon pots

2 mugs of coffee for you (or one for you and a friend) most days,
or a family sized coffee pot every Saturday and Sunday.

Starting at $52/month - $39/month after 1 year
We’ll send you a Kilo (2.2 lb) bag each month!



Makes 3 cups or espressos a day for the month,
or 18 half gallon pots
Coffee everyday for the whole family,
or a home espresso enthusiast that hosts little cappuccino parties! *
*(for your quarantine fam? lol)

Starting at $100/month - $75/month after 1 year
We’ll send you a 5lb bag each month!

WOW, Ok!


Why monthly plans? Don’t most coffee subscriptions ship every other week?
There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo out there about “old coffee”, but trust us - coffee we send out in the beginning of the month will still slap by the end of it. Coffee often benefits from aging after the roasting process, it really only gets better with age (to a point)! We offer different volumes to meet different kinds of coffee drinkers, so ideally you run out just in time for your next order to arrive. :)

*** Now, all of our coffee is vacuum sealed! So the coffee isn’t even aging until you open it! ***

What about shipping fees, are those included in the price?
Yes! The prices include shipping!

Can you tell me more about this discount program? How does it work?
It’s a growing discount reward for each month you keep subscribing - every time your subscription renews, your discount grows! Starting on your second month at 2.28% off, growing each month for a year. After 12 months, you are locked in to 25% off forever. Think of it as a thank you for supporting us.

So if I sign up now, when will my card get charged?
All subscriptions will renew and charge on the 1st of each month. We will roast and ship your subscription the first Tuesday of each month.

Can I subscribe to my favorite coffee?
Yep, just select your favorite under “Which coffee?” in the forms linked above.

Can I subscribe to get a variety of Sam or Peter’s favorite coffee?
For sure!!! Sam and Peter will both pick a top “monthly fave”, and it will always be something special. We hope to talk about these coffees a lot on the blog and social media. Just select your choice under “Which coffee?” in the order forms linked above.

What if I want to switch up what coffee I’m getting?
No prob! Just email with your new pick.

What if I actually need more or less coffee than I subscribed for?
You can switch to a different plan to get more or less on your next subscription. Or just place a one time order on our site to fill the gaps. 

What if I need to pause my subscription for a bit? Will I lose my discount?
Nope! The discount you earn as a subscriber stays with your account forever! If you gotta take a break, just cancel. When you want to come back, just start a new subscription with the same email - the discount will pick right back up. :)

Wow! I have more questions now...
Cool, let’s chat - email and pour your heart out!