Pitalito Decaf

from Colombia

washed caturra, colombia & castillo
ethyl acetate decaffination

Sugary, soft and balanced

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the WHY:

Shout out to decaf only coffee drinkers! You all are the deepest coffee fans. To us, coffee is an experience.. one that means so much more than getting enough caffeine to make it through the day.

The ethyl acetate process is a gentle one - it bonds to and removes the caffeine, but leaves the sugars that give coffee it's natural sweetness. This is by far the most unnoticeable decaffeination technique we have ever tasted. Coffees like this change the conversation from "not that bad for a decaf" to "do we even want the caf anymore??"

pro tip:

This coffee is soft, it will grind finer than other coffees at similar grinder settings. We are loving the density and punch of this coffee at a 1:15 ratio. Allow for brew times to be longer than you might expect.

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