Nuevo Trujillo

from Peru

washed caturra

Decadent, syrupy and balanced

Want it ground? Add a note to your order telling us what brewing device you use!
All orders are roasted on Tuesdays and ship within 24 hours.

the WHY:

When we decided to start a coffee roasting company, we wanted to search for coffees that were new to us or represented unconventional and exciting ideas. While we believe in sourcing and sharing those kinds of coffees, we also want to hang on to what we already know and love. Sweet and vibrant coffees with complexity and balance.

We chose this coffee because it is exactly that. We knew everyone would like it, and we knew it would slap with any brewing style or device. So please enjoy this one! It's delicious any way you like, great in your coffee pot at home or as an espresso at the cafe.

pro TIP:

Keep the filter brew ratio short. This will allow for the weight and mouthfeel to balance with the intensity and profile of flavors in this coffee.

We are brewing at 1:15 ratio right now.
Slow steady pour, allow for a longer brew time up to 3:30-4 minutes.

For up to date brewing recipies, head over to our Coffee Recipe page.