La Resistencia

from Xinkan Producers

pache and catuai peaberry separation
washed and dry fermented in parchment

Bright strawberry, vivid, silky texture, milk chocolate sweetness

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the WHY:

Cafe Colis Resistencia is a group of Xinkan producers farming coffee on communally owned land. They're one of the recent Xinkan organizations rooted in self determination and collectivism, fighting back against centuries of colonialism.

We have access to this beautiful coffee via Semilla, a truly radical importing company. Collaborating with producers and building long term relationships, they're committed to buying all of their coffee, not just picking off the top lots.

pro TIP:

Peaberry seeds are small, dense and intense. They pack a punch of vibrant acidity and sweetness. You might need to grind finer than you are used to.