La Claudina Experimental

from Colombia

climate controlled air dried

Complex, mouth-watering, white grape, wild fruits, unconventional

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the WHY:

Juan recently took over his family’s farm and he’s already shaking things up. One of his experiments is a mechanical air dryer that’s new to coffee, adapted from a process in sugar farming. Using software profiles for each coffee, Juan adjusts temperature, humidity and airflow over time. This coffee is vibrant and fun!

Although this coffee has often been labeled a “natural processed” coffee, there's not much natural about it. It is a full cherry dried coffee, but the innovation of a cold mechanical dryer gives it a profile that is not quite like its “conventional” natural counterparts. It tastes like something completely different. It reminds us that everything is an experiement, and that’s a good thing! It reflects on Juan’s will to change, adapt and grow - we’re convinced he’s on to something.

pro TIP:

This coffee has larger seeds, but they arent very dense. They will grind and extract easily. Grind finer than the washed coffees we have in our lineup, but keep the ratio around 1:17 to enjoy the delicate complexities of this coffee.

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