La Claudina Classic

from Colombia

washed caturra

Round, cocoa, earthy, dark sweetness

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the WHY:

If you’ve tried espy coffee before, you are probably wondering why we have another coffee from the same coffee producer and farm. Just like any agricultural space, or group of people, they aren’t monolithic! Juan actually has many varieties of coffee growing, and this Caturra is one of his classic styled coffees that his family has been growing for decades.

We wanted to give you the opportunity to taste what we consider the “Classic” coffee profile from this region, and of this variety. It also happens that this is one of the best coffees from Antioquia, and of the Washed Caturra processing and variety we’ve tried! 

So how classic is it really? Taste this side by side with La Claudina Experimental. It’s stunning to see how different two things from the same person and place can really be. Isn’t that true about all of us? We’re more than just what we do.

pro TIP:

Compared to La Claudina Experimental, grind this one coarser, and brew a bit stronger. We like it around 1:16 ratio, and we are keeping the brew time quicker through the coarser grind.

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