from Kenya

SL28, SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian
washed process

Juicy peach, nougat, lingering complexity

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the WHY:

Building on their work in Burundi, Long Miles has started a new coffee project in Kenya! While their recently planted SL-28 seedlings are still a few years away from harvest, we're so excited to share this beautiful coffee from the Kiruga Factory.

This is the first Kenyan coffee we’ve had at espy. Coffees from Kenya have a reputation for being loud and vibrant, and this one is! We love drinking coffee this captivating, feeling how time stops when you take your first sip.

pro TIP:

These coffee varieties pack a loud punch! You dont need to brew this coffee as long as other espy coffees. Grind coarser or brew at a higher slurry depth to keep your brew times shorter. If you taste bursting stonefruit flavors like peach, you are in the right spot!

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