from Ethiopia

native typica hybrids / sedancho cultivar

Juicy, citric, floral, brown sugar + honey sweetness

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the WHY:

Hunkute is a powerful example of what coffee can be, but it's also a reminder of what it has always been. Coffee is native to Ethiopia, as is the tradition of roasting, brewing and sharing. This coffee's flavor profile is timeless, bringing the sweetness and balance that we're are looking for. Maybe it's the heirloom varieties, maybe it's centuries of tradition, but there's definitely a mystical quality to the floral and citric complexities of coffees like this. It's a good opportunity for seekers of unconventional or modern coffees to remember this is how coffee has tasted all along.

pro TIP:

These coffee seeds are MUCH smaller in size compared to all the other espy coffee's thus far! They are quite dense too, so you will want to grind a bit (just a bit) coarser than you did for our Colombian coffees. We love the dynamic sweetess of this coffee combined with the floral and citric complexity, our favorite way to enjoy that was at a 1:17 ratio.

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