El Durazno

from Honduras

red catuai
washed process

Apple, mandarin, creamy, crisp

Want it ground? Add a note to your order telling us what brewing device you use!
All orders are roasted on Tuesdays and ship within 24 hours.

the WHY:

We have access to Don Santos Aguirre’s beautiful coffee through our friends at Semilla (of espy’s La Resistencia). This year is their first year working together, and represents part of the importer’s growing commitment to producers in the Chaguite region of Honduras. We believe a coffee industry free of exploitation is possible. One glimpse of this future is the material improvement of the Aguirre family receiving 5x the local price for their coffee. This is a good beginning! We are committed to the process of what’s to come.

pro TIP:

This coffee is sweet, vibrant, and clean. Finding the balance between this coffee's sweetness and body, and its brightness and clarity is the answer to perfecting this coffee!

Start with 1:15.5 as a ratio, and adjust your coffee/water slurry depth to increase or decrease flow and total brew time. Contact us on discord if you are ever feeling stuck!

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